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Feelgood Technology is the new way to build digital systems. It’s user friendly, super-fast and all in one. We are talking about specially tailored digital systems that make all parties feel good.

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The new way:

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When designing our products, the focus is on feeling. After all, a digital platform (website, app, etc.) can have such a sleek design, can technically be so cleverly constructed, but if the user does not feel happy on your platform, all that it is of no use!

Focus on feeling


With our performance-optimized server we provide super-fast digital platforms (websites, apps, etc.). This is the key to reducing the bounce rate and the foundation for your SEO. In the modern world waiting is completely out fashioned ...

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Customized solutions

We can unburden you on every digital level. We provide customized solutions in the form of websites/apps and marketing solutions. Together with you, we determine what is needed and when. A proposal is made based on your wishes and budget and those of the end user.

Care on all digital levels
Solarfields Dashboard

Solarfields Dashboard

Solarfields' customers indicated that they want to be able to show their customers how sustainable they are. Then the idea arose to design a dashboard that would fulfill that wish.

The Alignment Technique

The Alignment Technique Website

We always enjoyed collaborating with the T.A.T. team. We got the opportunity to use our own analytics system for the first time with this website. Completely free of cookies and yet we can easily track how many visitors there are on our website.

aimtofeel collaboration

Your project here?

We are always looking for new collaborations and projects. Do you have big plans or ideas? Let's take on the adventure together. PS: we both can't wink...

TAT Home app

You can buy the book or join a training to learn the Moves. For some however, the step to go to a training was too big and with the book it was difficult to read and do the Move at the same time. So we came up with the idea of building an app in which users are guided through the Moves by means of speech and videos.


We are in partnership with Talkpixels, which benefits both parties a lot. Talkpixels focuses on designing and building websites in Webflow. On a technical level, we offer support if Webflow does not have the solution.

Machcha website

Machcha - Lodges in Sri Lanka

Machcha rents lodges to backpackers and other lovers of nature. Totally Feelgood, this company. Together with Wilma, the investor in the project, we helped present Machcha online.

Jim van der Zee - website

Jim van der Zee

Jim van der Zee is a dutch singer-songwriter and guitarist. He is known for his low, clear voice and managed to conquer the hearts of the audience and jury at two talent shows. In 2018 he won The Voice of Holland and in 2022 Better Than Ever.