AimToFeel Team - Cisca & Niek


We share one dream, we share one vision: "Let's make the online world a beautiful place". Let it be a place where you feel good, where your privacy is taken seriously and where everything runs smoothly. There are several ethical decisions to be made when designing a digital solution. Some companies, like the one with the blue 'F' in the logo, find it very difficult to make the right decisions, we don't!

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Cisca van der Want

Owner and UX designer

"I make connections between wishes of the customer and the user, design and technological possibilities."

Niek van der Velde

Owner and Software engineer

“If it is technologically possible, then I don't see any problems.”

Together we make

Tessa AimToFeel

Tessa Spijker

Graphic designer and illustrator

"Art academy ✔️ my own sustainable clothing line ✔️ Do you have the next creative challenge for me?"


Yorick Maks

Marketing expert

"Chasing the sun with my camper, that's what I do. Let's strive for the best."

Andu AimToFeel team

Andu Szekrenyesi

Marketing expert

"I was hired by Philips, ABN AMRO en KLM, but I like working for AimToFeel the most."