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Jim van der Zee

Jim van der Zee is a dutch singer-songwriter and guitarist. He is known for his low, clear voice and managed to conquer the hearts of the audience and jury at two talent shows. In 2018 he won The Voice of Holland and in 2022 Better Than Ever.

It was great working with Jim and his manager on this project. We laughed a lot and he was very pleased with the result. It was a one pager, in which all important elements come together. You’ll find the albums he released with Lyrics, the upcoming tour dates, biography and contact details for the people who want to book him.

The feeling that the website had to deliver was the ‘on the road vibe’, because that’s where it all started for Jim, traveling through Europe in a camper. On squares he gathered cash by making music and that resulted in a guitar case full of money. When we heard that Jim’s team wanted to work with us, our response was “What are we waiting for, let’s start The Engine!”.

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